To roll out the 4D HR master data management system, Father Christmas opted for agile project management with a classic iteration process. In doing so, the project is rolled out in individual sub-steps (so-called sprints), which he monitors at all times in his own test system along with his archangels. Depending on the feedback, any deviations from the project goals or misunderstandings are corrected right away.

Father Christmas is already impatiently waiting for the first significant project sprint to be completed with the first functionalities, which he will then also view in the test system. After all, the success of the roll-out of the 4D Human Resource Master Data Management System will determine not only the next, but also all future peak Christmas seasons in the industrial bakeries all over the world. Finally, Father Christmas and his archangels in HR management receive the longed-for e-mail that the first project step has been completed and that they can put the first functions to the test.

The ability to create employee master data in multiple languages and to convert the 4D Enterprise Suite into English will make data maintenance and analysis much more straightforward in the future. Since a global, uniform data model is used, there will no longer be any different ways of interpreting data; everyone will be talking about the same key figures when it comes to reporting. The search function in particular went down well with Father Christmas. Even if the special queries have not yet been programmed, the basic search in the 4D Enterprise Suite already offers a wide range of possibilities. A normalized full-text search is automatically applied, which once and for all gets rid of problems with umlauts and special characters. The entire data model can be searched or filters can be set so that only certain groups such as selected countries, structures or documents are searched. In doing so, even when changing names or locations, the important employee master data and all associated files no longer disappear forever. What’s more, it’s always possible to save simple search queries that are used frequently as a personal template.

The following months flew by for Father Christmas and, slowly but surely, the 4D HR Master Data Management project is drawing to an end. The continuous feedback loops on the current progress of the project worked very well, and Goldright always quickly implemented what few adjustments were required. Today, the first live test data will be imported and the first interfaces will be created for this purpose. Brimming with excitement, Father Christmas launches the test system together with the archangels. The first thing that catches his eye is that the interfaces are actually documented automatically. What a relief compared to the previous manual documentation. With the configurator, it’ll also be possible to adapt or create new interfaces in the future. What’s more, the first reports and exports have also been created in the integrated reporting tool. The digital support is a world away from having to manually create graphs and reports. With just a few clicks, you can switch from the current data view to any key date. This already significantly reduces overhead costs for reporting in global HR management in the medium term.

Apart from that, the 4D HR Master Data harmonization is an important step towards global, uniform reporting. Father Christmas now finally knows what data is used where and how. What’s more, all HR master data can be consolidated and evaluated across all production plants. This ensures a uniform understanding of data as well as consistent interpretation when it comes to data-driven, strategic and operational decisions being made.