Legal entity management (LEM) is not always associated with audit-proofing and reliability when it is operated with office software and with a heterogeneous data landscape. This situation is suboptimal and leads to poor data quality, and the history is often completely missing. In addition, processes in the event of changes and additions to the company and investment master data are not traceable, and compliance with legal regulations or control principles is also uncertain. This is due on the one hand to the fact that the master data maintenance is complex, time-consuming and error-prone, and on the other hand because the data records are partly incomplete. What’s more, the master data is laboriously consolidated and analyzed manually, which in turn has the potential for errors and is very time-consuming.

In legal entity management, an end is put to the chaos via a centralized master database Enterprise Suite. This all-in-one enterprise software covers all applications in the legal entity management environment and combines central data storage, data hub, work system, workflow and reporting system. Apart from that, it integrates into your existing IT infrastructure, regardless of providers and IT systems.

First and foremost, you will work with us to develop an individual master data model. On that basis, all relevant data elements from all previous source files and source systems are summarized in a rule-based manner to form a central, complete and correct master data record (so-called Golden Record) for your respective legal entities. To ensure that everything is traceable at all times, the origin is automatically documented for each data element and for each file of your Golden Records. This data synchronization gives you a constantly available, homogeneous and audit-proof overview of the master data of your legal entities.

In order to develop the complete framework conditions of your Golden Records, the data modeling is then carried out. All direct and indirect relationships among companies, shareholdings, mandates and other legal entities are clearly depicted. In this way, you also document nested and complex investment structures. This also gives you insights into the ownership structure of selected legal entities, and does so at all levels. In addition, you have the option of enriching your Golden Records with internal key figures or third-party information. This means that all master data and information are always available centrally and at a glance.

This is because you can access the full information content of your Golden Records with the automated change history. All changes and additions are saved automatically with user and time stamp or validity. In this way, an individual, complete data view is created for each individual day, from the start-up of the company software, in which all data elements, files and correlations are mapped as they were at this exact time. This audit-proof change history, which ties to the date stamp, is the required database for consolidated evaluations, in which the respective calculation type to be applied is also automatically taken into account.

The integrated reporting system turns your Golden Records into the data-driven knowledge required for strategic and operational decisions. You will receive digital support in the creation of reports, analyses, exports and graphical representations that relate to the reporting date or are up-to-date, complete and reliable. If necessary, you transfer data elements to external templates and thus also create target/actual comparisons or development overviews. Your entire reporting in the environment of your legal entity management always refers to this central, audit-proof database with your relevant, complete and homogeneous Golden Records. In this way, the integrity of your company and investment master data is ensured at all times and they are correctly and uniformly understood and interpreted throughout the organization. What’s more, your Golden Records also provide you with an audit-proof 360° view of your entire investment portfolio, with reference to the closing date and all necessary additional information.

For excellent investment management, you need continuous control of your master data in addition to your Golden Records. That’s why a solid legal entity management software also has detailed, user-defined access and editing rights, up to individual data elements and files. The integrated workflow system also allows you to centrally control the organization-wide collaboration. It is ensured and at the same time automatically documented that all legal regulations and internal control principles (e.g. dual control principle) are fully complied with.

Your continuously digitalized legal entity management is always all about their audit-proof Golden Records. At the same time, all the basic principles of transparency and all the prerequisites for reporting and disclosure obligations are observed. In this way, your investment management is well positioned and competitive in the long term, and the costs remain predictable and manageable.