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Legal Entity Manager

The Goldright Legal Entity Manager is a leading Holding Information System that manages and delivers master data from a variety of domains like subsidiary companies, board members and mandates, shares, or appointments. With the Goldright Legal Entity Manager’s reliable logging and recording, you gain key data reports and a full historization of your corporate structure with the click of a button.

You will benefit from a clear overview of even the most complex holding structures and data. The Legal Entity Manager documents any changes automatically and provides a powerful visualization tool, which generates dynamic legal entity charts as easy as 1, 2, 3. Consolidation is facilitated and accelerated by means of workflow support that allows you to implement decentralized data administration and centralized data release.


Main benefits

One central platform
All organization-relevant information from multiple systems available in one, central plaftorm.
Audit logging
Traceability of all changes through Audit Logging.
Organizational charts
Automatic creation of organizational charts and clear portrayal of all organizational structures in your company.

Legal Entity Manager features

Transparent visualization of companies, shares and bodies portrayed in an engaging manner
Fully GDPR compliant
Timely (e.g. balance-sheet date) reporting and analysis
Full historization, key date reporting based on running documentation
Legal entity charts & diagrams
Detailed authorization concept
Follow-up and appointment management
Customizable reports and company factsheets
Success stories

Our success stories

We are proud to present you our success stories in which you can learn how Goldright Enterprise Suite has helped our customers improve efficiency, speed up decision-making processes, and organize their data.

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