In an ideal world, your investment and company master data should be complete, homogeneous, audit-proof, and always available on a centralized system. What’s more, you should have a complete 360° view of your investment and company structure for current, historical, and future points in time. Only in doing so can you exploit the full information content of your data and avail yourself of the database you need to make sound, data-driven decisions.

In practice, things are usually somewhat different, making your investment and company master data better or worse suited to meeting your organization’s information needs. In the legally stringent environment of legal entity management, this entails risks. Nevertheless, these can be reduced once and for all by sustainably improving master data quality. The better your data quality, the more accurate your decisions and the greater success your business will have.

Our 4D Investment Management is designed, among other things, to ensure long-term, high-quality master data by calling on four data dimensions as well as to close your information gap. This approach is based on your individual data model, which you set out together with us in a workshop before the 4D Enterprise Suite is rolled out. The underlying principle ensures permanently high-quality master data in line with our four data dimensions:


Data synchronisation

From all available previous data sources, a reliable, comprehensive, and consistent master data record is created for all shareholdings, companies, and legal entities, containing all data elements that you deem to be relevant. In this way, you will always have access to the same, homogeneous information content that is retrievable from one centralized system.


Data modeling

Mapping the relationships and dependencies between your datasets gives you a 360° view of your investment structure with in-depth insights and new information. It includes your investments, companies, mandates, and shareholders, not to mention your key figures. If required, you can also manage all committees, meetings, dates, deadlines, and records.


Evident change history

Since all changes and amendments are automatically and centrally stored in the 4D Enterprise Suite with a time stamp and user, you always have time-referenced documentation. Additional security is provided by workflows with a view to complying with and monitoring applicable legal regulations and internal control principles. User-defined privileges also prevent tampering, as access and editing are configured individually.


Key date related data views & reports

Saving with a timestamp or assigning validity to individual data elements or files generates complete 360° views of your company and investment structure as of a specific date. This lets you generate, whenever you want and at the push of a button, date-related or up-to-date automated reports, analyses, graphical representations, and exports, which you can have set up in advance according to your previous templates. Changes to the group or holding structure can also be called up for a particular date if required.


Stable high-quality master data sustainably closes the information gap in your company while ensuring error-free, efficient workflows and processes in your investment management environment. Because, only when you have a comprehensive, accurate and complete 360° view of your company and investment structure can you tap into your master data’s full information content. This, in turn, makes it your most useful asset when it comes to achieving your strategic and operational investment and company goals.