Hardly any area of responsibility in human resources management is as complex as pre-boarding and actual on-boarding. The preparatory phase between signing of the contract and the start of work does not often get the attention it deserves. This is because it gives you the opportunity to leave your new employee with the good first impression of a professional employer, or in the worst case, to additionally unsettle them by making the preboarding chaotic or unsatisfactory. Because it is only if you continue to convince the new employee of your company, that he or she will also show up and stay after the first working day.

The biggest challenge is the abundance of administrative tasks that need to be done during an employee’s pre-boarding and the associated amount of data and information. The key to success is to centralise these processes in an IT system and to standardise them. Preparation after all is primarily about employee master data. This refers to descriptive, characteristic information that rarely changes. These include, for example, the name, social insurance number, home address, certificates, identity card and bank details. This is exactly the data and information you need for all basic formalities, preparation of workstation, equipment, company contact details, training plan and internal information tools.

As a rule, the requirements for pre-boarding go beyond the standard functions of a personnel management or personnel information system. Before you buy another IT system, read on. You will learn about our Organizational Data Management system and its integrated workflow engine with a reminder function. In addition, it is both the data hub and work system for your pre-boarding, as well as the permanently available, central, and complete employee master data base for your entire employee life cycle. In order to operate the Enterprise Suite (the central IT system), you do not need any programming knowledge, as we follow a no-code approach and provide an intuitive, web-based user interface.

When implementing your individual Organizational Data Management, your workflows are set up for you based on your previous workflows and processes. You can transfer the master data of your new internal and external employees either via an interface or upload from your personnel systems in which they already exist, or you can enter the master data directly in the Enterprise Suite. These consolidated employee master data are used to crate a so-called Golden Record, which is complete, homogeneous, and correct. It contains all the data and information you need from your external and internal employees. In addition, in the Goldright Enterprise Suite, information about where which data elements and documents come from is also stored automatically. This always ensures traceability, and you can also provide detailed information on data protection requests. In addition, changes and additions to your employee master data are automatically stored with a time stamp. In this way, you have a timeline in which the data view over time is stacked layer by layer. In this way, you can also call up historical employee master data at any time.

The core of our Organizational Data Management is the optimal and consistent data protection of your sensitive internal and external employee master data during pre-boarding. This is because in the Enterprise Suite you centrally control which user receives editing and access rights down to the level of individual data elements and files. These permissions apply to access all functions, such as the web-based user interface, the integrated workflow and reporting engine. Equally fine-grained is the integrated data hub with easy-to-configure interfaces, which you can use to determine which data elements or sets are transferred to another system. After this initial set-up, it is time for the daily work in the area of your pre-boarding. You and your colleagues are supported by the established workflows at every step. Everybody works step by step through their tasks, also nothing is forgotten because of the individual reminder functions. In this way, you can complete all administrative tasks before the first day of work and have complete documents for your new employees. If necessary, you can pass this data on to other systems, such as payroll accounting, the organisation directory on the intranet or your personnel management system. Of course, it is also possible to consider release processes or other control principles in your workflows. In this way, you can also centrally perform and monitor cross-departmental tasks of pre-boarding. Thanks to the multilingual nature of your personnel data management, you are also equipped for international cooperation.

The more complex your on-boarding process, the more likely you are to benefit from implementing Organizational Data Management. Beyond pre-boarding, you will also be supported during on-boarding itself and all other steps of your employee life cycle management. In addition to digitalising and standardising your processes in the field of human resource management, you always benefit from a central and complete database for personnel master data.