Goldright Enterprise Suite

Goldright, a team of Master Data Mangagement experts, offers its unique product – Goldright Enterprise Suite – to companies seeking to maximize benefits from their data-driven processes and get their data under control.

About Goldright

Our Story

In January 2022, we embarked on a new chapter in our story. Now known as Goldright, we are proud to say that as MUM Software previously, we have grown from being a product of NETCONOMY GmbH to a mature organization, creating an impact on the market since 20 years. Thanks to the continuous success of our product portfolio we have decided to take this step to ensure Goldright’s further growth and development as an independent legal entity.

What is Goldright Enterprise Suite?

Goldright Enterprise Suite is a comprehensive solution that makes your business life easier. It is more than only a set of products – it’s a mission, created by a community of professionals committed to digital excellence. Our overall aim is to enable business process success by providing accurate data that can be easily turned into actionable information and insights.

About us

Our values

We are proud to deliver.

We are proud to implement solutions that run and wow. It always looks easy from the outside yet delivering quality and sticking to the budget at the same time is a difficult task. Our clients say that we deliver amazing solutions that work. This is because we master the balance in our teams and beyond.

We move first.

Moving first is a state of mind. It entails being so passionate about something that everything happening in that field attracts your attention and then being able to sense whether it’s relevant enough to change the field. If so, there is a new game to be played. That’s what we’re committed to: To be the first to master new technologies that will be game changers.

We like competition.

We don’t think that people can simply be motivated – the goal is much more about creating an environment where people can thrive. While working, we appear to be a team of friends in positive competition – and, in fact, we are! Our employees say that we are an extraordinary company that gets to work for really awesome clients. The hardest thing to do is remain at the top, so we give our best to consistently improve and work hard to get better every day.

We show up.

In our day-to-day challenges, there are always two roads we can take. We can either decide to stay in the comfort zone while hiding and waiting for others to be held responsible, or we can simply (and confidently) show up and take the challenge head-on. This is the road less traveled but it is the path we will always go down, because it leads to more clarity and success. This is why fairness, transparency, and accountability are so important to us.

About us

Get to know us

Gernot Lepuschitz
Chief Technical Officer

Responsible for the development of Goldright’s product portfolio. Main contact point for our existing customers.

[email protected]
Alexander Walliser
Vice President Sales

Responsible for sales within Goldright. The main contact point for new customers.

[email protected]
About us

Facts & figures

Goldright (former MUM) Enterprise Suite
Since 2004
A dedicated team of Master Data professionals
Expertise in delivering Master Data solutions and assisting companies in their MDM journeys
Headquarter in Austria
Our team is based in the Styrian capital, Graz
15+ large scale enterprise customers
Serving a wide range of organizations and covering various markets & industries

Clients about us

Vinci Energies AG
Marina Meier, Application Manager

“The Goldright team is committed to providing their customers with the highest level of service and support. The whole team is very skilled at what they do and are always highly motivated to be the best at it. Besides, the Goldright team is focused on providing innovative solutions that will allow their customers to meet business challenges head-on. The GOLDRIGHT team has had an excellent understanding of our needs and was always willing to help us develop our ideas and create and implement powerful features, even on short notice, which resulted in being an even more powerful solution for our company.”

Thüga AG
Dieter Matthes, Head of Participations

“With Goldright, we implemented a professional standard solution that combines both the user-friendly collecting and provisioning of complex master data and transaction data within one solution.“

Bühler Group
Maja Krapf, ex. Head of Legal Services at Bühler Group

“Goldright is easy to use and gives us access to up-to-date data concerning all areas of our investment dossier. That’s a real must-have for an international, fast-growing group like Bühler.”

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