4D Master Data Management

Use the secret power of your Master Data.

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4D Master Data Management in a nutshell.

Master Data is available in all business areas, as it is the basis for your digital value chain. Nevertheless, the end result of your digital processes is only as good as the data you used for it. That’s why we develop the full information content of your master data with four additional data dimensions. This gives you the knowledge you need and the relevant 360° view of your company to make data-driven, solid decisions. Because, at its core, your master data is your most useful asset that keeps your business going and growing.


How 4D Master Data Management works.

In the first step, the 4D Enterprise Suite is established as your central system for correct, reliable and complete master data (the so-called Golden Record). In it, homogeneous master data records with all relevant attributes and information are created via bidirectional interfaces and uploads. They are then refined and given the context required for the 360° view of your business areas through the mapping of relationships and dependencies. The 4D Enterprise Suite automatically saves all changes and new creations with a time stamp or, if applicable, a validity period. In this way, a detailed, central version history is created that meets all the criteria of a chronicle. With just a few clicks, you can create your individual reports, analyses, graphics and exports for any current, historical or future date.

4D Master Data Management supports you in this process.

Our 4D MDM solutions are suitable for all non-transactional, basic information about business objects, such as products, raw materials, employees, customers, suppliers, investments and similar topics. In a workshop, we jointly develop the 4D Master Data Model that suits your employees, processes and workflows. The 4D Enterprise Suite integrates seamlessly into your heterogeneous data landscape (e.g. data silos, no system for master data or simply tables) and ensures clean and reliable master data for the long term. In the future, you can edit these either in the 4D Enterprise Suite or, as before, in the source systems. With the individually defined access and editing rights, you centrally control the cooperation and also observe all applicable legal regulations.


This is what makes our 4D Master Data Management special.

The 4D Enterprise Suite is technologically sustainable and flexible. Your data landscape remains as it is. You can connect new systems and technologies at any time via our bidirectional, configurable interfaces. Your appropriately trained employees adapt and, if necessary, expand your individual data model, reports, analyses and graphics. You can manage data maintenance and other everyday tasks directly in the web-based, intuitive user interface, for which you do not need any IT knowledge. In addition, your personal contact person will be happy to support you at any time with all tasks related to your 4D MDM.

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4D Master Data Management
The sustainable, flexible solution for your Master Data.

Do you only want master data on your business objects, or would you like to know even more? With the 4D perspective of your master data, you can exploit the full depth of information and receive relevant knowledge, for the operation, further development and expansion of your company. At the push of a button, you have the necessary 360° view of your business areas and can make agile, data-driven decisions.


We also care about technological sustainability and your long-term satisfaction. With the Goldright Enterprise Suite as the central hub of your data landscape, you remain flexible and agile for the long term. Our 4D Master Data Model has a very flexible and modular structure, so it can grow at any time with your requirements and can be applied in virtually all business areas.

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4D Master Data Management in practice.

For more than 15 years, we have been working with passion and expertise to take our customers’ Master Data to the next level and to turn them into useful assets. Our customers confirm that our 4D Master Data Management (MDM) is suitable for everyday use as it enables them to continuously advance their day-to-day business and the further development of their company with relevant information.

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Have you now come up with one or more master data challenges that you want to solve in your company? Feel free to contact us. We will advise you on how you can track down and use the secret power of your Master Data with the 4D Master Data Management.

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Have you now come up with one or more master data challenges that you want to solve in your company? Feel free to contact us. We will advise you on how you can track down and use the secret power of your Master Data with the 4D Master Data Management.