Take Control of Your Data with Goldright Enterprise Suite

What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

Master Data Management (MDM) is a complex and challenging process that requires a holistic approach to data management, involving people, processes, and technology. No worries, we have it all covered. Our team of dedicated experts draws on 20 years of experience in helping customers to approach master data challenges on a business but also on a technology level.

Here is what’s in it for you:

Improve decision-making

We help you to choose and adapt the best technology solution, to better support your decision-making and overall business goals.

Eliminate worthless data

We analyze the status-quo of your data landscape and work with you to eliminate data silos and inconsistent data. 

Build a strong data foundation

Together we define data structures and relationships to organize and store your data the most valuable way.

Put data governance first

We maximize the value of your data based on effective data governance, ensuring the integrity, security and privacy of the data. 

Get insights at the push of a button

Our solution covers data analytics and reporting capabilities that will enable the use cases to be executed effectively.

Unify fragmented data sources

We bring together data from different systems to create a complete and accurate view, ensuring there are no duplicates, inconsistencies, or missing information.

Goldright Enterprise Suite

Discover the power of Goldright Enterprise Suite, a comprehensive and user-friendly solution designed to simplify business processes. With its seamless integration into existing IT systems and advanced Java, web, state of the art REST API technology, Goldright Enterprise Suite effortlessly centralizes master data from diverse third-party systems, offering flexibility and ease of use.

Learn how Goldright optimized Legal Entity Management for Grawe

Discover how Goldright helped Grawe Insurance eliminate data inconsistencies, automate mandate reminders, and provide a centralized system for comprehensive representation of their legal structure, including all relevant data and documents.

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