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Why Goldright
A solution that grows with your needs

Due to the product’s flexibility, you have the option to start small and gradually expand. Begin with a single domain or location, and then introduce more domains or locations as needed. Take a step-by-step approach and respond to the needs of the companies involved. This approach avoids the risks associated with a large-scale project that spans multiple years and has a high likelihood of failure.

It’s about people, not about code

We use about 80% less coding in customer projects compared to our competitors, resulting in several concrete benefits for our customers. With a team of MDM experts with over 100 years of project experience, we focus solely on MDM, ensuring exceptional expertise. This approach allows for higher output in shorter timeframes, resulting in shorter projects, reduced costs, and increased flexibility to adapt to changing situations and new business needs in master data. This level of adaptability is particularly crucial in challenging economic times.

Accurate data drives business success

High-quality master data is crucial for successful digitalization projects in companies. Without it, these projects are destined to fail. To achieve this, real-time insights and data correction are necessary. Implementing DQ dashboards and rules helps maintain data quality. Clearly defined processes, facilitated by a business process engine, ensure correct and high-quality data across all systems and departments. Data Governance, supported by the solution, assigns responsibility for different parts of the master data.

Flexibility is not a buzzword

The key advantages of our solution include configuration instead of coding, empowering customers to make changes independently. Our platform offers limitless flexibility in data model, processes, and integration, allowing easy customization to meet specific requirements. This agility enables quick response to changing needs and economic conditions. Experience the freedom to adapt and thrive with our MDM platform.

Ultimately, it’s all about trust

We have a portfolio of long-term, highly satisfied customers, supported by a team with over 100 years of combined experience. Our agile projects demonstrate high success rates, reflecting our youthful and dynamic startup-like approach, while benefiting from our extensive industry background. Trust in us for all your needs and rest assured that we have everything you require and more.

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