What is the main benefit of Master Data Management?

With Master Data Management (MDM), you implement within your company a central system for uniform and trustworthy Master Data. This enables you to share data, manage them and clearly regulate responsibilities. You also use context, relations and time reference to open up the additional information and thus the added value of your Master Data and create the essential 360° view of your company. The Enterprise Suite supports you in the automatic creation of current or key date reports, graphic representations and exports. In addition, you are always in control of your Master Data and thus ensure that the EU GDPR, internal compliance and other legal regulations are observed and that these are also properly documented.

In short, with our Master Data Management, you create the optimal conditions for making sound decisions based on data. In addition, you will achieve your strategic and operative corporate goals efficiently and drive digitalization forward.

How does the Enterprise Suite contribute to the technological sustainability of your IT?

With our Master Data Management (MDM), you remain flexible and independent of your IT data landscape. The Goldright Enterprise Suite is connected to your existing IT landscape via configurable, bidirectional interfaces. In the same way, you can connect new systems and technologies at any time. Our master data model is flexible and can be expanded and adapted at any time via the web-based user interface, according to your wishes. In addition, the  Enterprise Suite also serves as a data hub, with which you can transfer master data, or even just attributes, to different source systems.

Of course, our team is happy to support you if you want to use the Enterprise Suite for Master Data in other business areas at a later point. In this way, your Master Data Management remains flexible and agile as the central focus of your IT landscape and digitization strategy for the long term.