Preboarding is one of the most sensitive and complex phases in the employee lifecycle. In the short preparation phase between signing the contract and an employee’s first day at work, there are any number of tasks and activities to be attended to. The list is endless and encompasses administrative schedules, paperwork, appointment coordination, preparing employee training material, setting up the workstation, getting the onboarding package ready and any other equipment that may be required. There are bound to be other things as well depending on your industry.

Internal cooperation and the incorporation of new employees in the preboarding phase pose the greatest challenge. After all, checklists are only helpful to deal with the workload up to a certain point. Should mistakes be made at this point, your future employee may be so irritated that he will have second thoughts about joining the company. Suffice to say, the process may come across as chaotic and long-winded, because you may repeatedly ask your new employee different questions on the same subject. Equally irritating are ambiguous procedures and long gaps until hearing back from your new employer for the first time.

Digitize your workflows and processes to prevent this from happening in the first place and to cut down on the time spent on routine activities in the preboarding environment. Our Organizational Data Management solution can be rolled out quickly and is an all-in-one solution that also covers all other phases of the employee lifecycle.

The more new employees you have and the more complex your preboarding process, the more quickly you will benefit from these three advantages of our Organizational Data Management System:


1. Standardization and digitization

The key to your success lies in the standardization and digitization of your workflows and processes in the preboarding environment. The workflow engine integrated into our Organizational Data Management solution helps you with this, enabling you to centrally manage your processes. You can centrally monitor and manage the status of all preboarding-related tasks in a single IT system. After all, internal and external employee engagement has already been largely determined in this early phase of the employee lifecycle. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to have an overview of all activities at all times and to optimize collaboration between the individual departments and business units. Only then will nothing stand in the way of a smooth and seamless planning process, regardless of how many employees are being onboarded at the same time.


2. Greater efficiency and lower costs

Digitizing your workflows in the preboarding environment gives you a good 360-degree view of everything while, at the same time, making you significantly more efficient in these routine activities; everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when. Lengthy e-mails and checklists are a thing of the past, as well as all the ambiguities that come with them. As a result, you sustainably reduce the amount of time spent and, in turn, the preboarding costs. This gives you more time to spend on the subsequent onboarding process while still supporting your existing employees.


3. Early engagement with your company

The smoother and more structured your preboarding is, the more likely it will be perceived as a positive experience by your new employees. Even at this early stage of the employee life cycle, this strengthens their perception of you as a professional employer and, in turn, their loyalty to your company. If you go out of your way to look after your employees right from the preboarding stage, you are sending them positive signals, they will see you as a responsible employer that treats its employees well. This strengthens the emotional connection right from the outset which, in the long term, boosts productivity.


With Organizational Data Management you have centralized access to all the data, information and files of your internal and external employees at your fingertips, in compliance with data protection regulations, in a single system at all times, right from the get-go. Furthermore, handling preboarding in the Enterprise Suite makes it easier to create the comprehensive 360° organizational structure in the integrated reporting engine. With clean HR master data, you are creating the optimal conditions for all other operational activities in your HR management environment and the digitization of your company, such as identity management or invoice approvals.