There are still project-oriented industries such as IT and construction. Nevertheless, in-house project-oriented work is also on the rise in other areas and industries. This is because the focus is on knowledge and innovation rather than on what the respective employees must do. Working in different teams with different focuses depending on capacity, expertise and one’s own interests, however, also has a downside: the increased administrative workload involved in manual identity and access management. Furthermore, with a large number of project groups that are created and then terminated, it is difficult to keep track of which employee currently has authorization for which IT systems and resources. This is accompanied by an increased susceptibility to errors and a higher risk when it comes to protecting your most valuable internal resources such as knowledge, innovation and data.

Our Identity Management System strives to close this security gap and relieve your IT department from having to perform routine authorization management tasks. Because project-oriented work only works if your internal and external employees have smooth and fast access to the IT systems and resources they need.

At the heart of our Identity Management System is a customized data model, which is used to create a consistent, reliable and round-the-clock employee profile with rule-based authorizations and roles. Subsequently, the connections, dependencies and hierarchies of your project teams and organizational structure are mapped. This gives you a round-the-clock, up to date 360° view of the comprehensive, internal and external user matrix. During operation, your unique employee identities, with their roles and authorizations, are the basis for the automated provisioning and control of user and access rights. Since changes and additions are automatically saved with a timestamp or validity, you also have historical, comprehensive data views of your user matrix.

This way, you kill two birds with one stone: the time and overhead costs for your identity management are reduced and your IT security remains consistently high. Because only by knowing who has access to what at all times you will efficiently protect your most valuable corporate resources such as know-how and data. Furthermore, your project start-up processes become significantly more efficient, as you only need to assign the relevant project and function to an internal or external employee with a view to granting them the appropriate authorizations and access to perform their job. It works just as smoothly the other way round; when the project ends, the user and access rights corresponding to the function and project are automatically taken away. This way, you can rest assured that each internal and external employee only has access to the IT systems and resources that they actually need to do their job. Apart from that, you are also well prepared for the next IT audit at any time.

From our point of view, the biggest advantage is that you have a complete 360° view of your user matrix, with all interrelationships, dependencies and hierarchies at your fingertips. This gives you new insights into your user matrix and the knowledge you need to make data-driven decisions. With the integrated reporting system, you can also draw up reports, analyses, exports and interactive graphical representations in no time at all.