The modern and flexible way of working requires that all employees at all times have easy access to the resources and systems in the cloud or on-premise that they need to work. Regardless of this, the know-how and data of customers, employees or processes are now the most critical assets of your company, which must be protected accordingly. You can probably also relate to the fact that identity management is becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming due to the distributed IT landscape in your company. Nevertheless, it is essential that no mistakes happen and that you always know who has access to which data, information and systems and which employee uses which software or licenses.


Secure your assets with Identity Management

This is exactly where our Identity Management comes in, helping you to provide your employees with the right tools and resources in a timely manner. It centralizes your relevant employee master data in one IT system (Enterprise Suite), where the unique employee identities are created. In a further step, these are related to data and information. In this way, you obtain all relevant information on the roles, tasks, hierarchy and, if applicable, projects of your internal and external employees. This data is used to automatically calculate, based on rules, who currently needs which authorizations and access rights to systems, resources and data. Of course, the control and documentation is also done automatically. This way, you can be sure at all times that your employees have everything they need to do their jobs efficiently, and you have complete control over your user management and IT landscape. You can create your reports and analyses with just a few clicks at any time for any date.
This makes your user master data what it really is, your most useful asset to control and protect your resources and systems. This way you take your IT to the next level and free up IT resources for other activities. With the 360° view of your Identity Data Management, you also contribute significantly to increasing IT security and are well prepared for any IT audits.


Data harmonization – unique user identifiers

The Goldright Enterprise Suite is the heart of your Identity Data Management. Before implementation, you create in a joint workshops with us the data model for your user management that matches your employee information, processes and workflows. Your source systems are then connected to the Enterprise Suite via configurable, bidirectional interfaces and, if necessary, uploads. All relevant data attributes and information are used to create a consistent, reliable and permanently available employee profile with authorizations, roles and access rights. This gives you a complete view of all internal and external employees that you need for projects or day-to-day business. The initial setup is significantly faster if you already have correct organizational master data, as this is the basis for all digitization processes in your company. Subsequently, you decide whether and which parts of the user master data will continue to be maintained in the source system and which in the Goldright Enterprise Suite. Every time you transfer or create a new user, the system automatically checks whether this user already exists. If required, you also have the option of managing your employees’ access authorizations and hardware via the Enterprise Suite.


Data enrichment – complete user profiles

In a further step, you map your organizational network and represent the connections, dependencies and hierarchies of your employee identities. Even complex hierarchies can be easily mapped in Enterprise Suite and are taken into account in the automated assignment of access rights, which are also regularly checked. You regulate internal and, if necessary, external collaboration in the maintenance of user master data via unique access rights and workflows. In this way, you ensure that the EU-GDPR and internal compliance are observed at all times. You also get a complete picture of your user matrix, with all internal and external employees. For each person, it is precisely defined which role and tasks they have and on which projects they work with which customers. This results in a unique employee identity for each user and which authorizations they require for resources, systems and data.


Data management – automatic provisioning & control

During the initial setup, unique roles are defined for projects or business areas based on your previous user administration, which are then automatically assigned to your employees. For this purpose, it is automatically checked according to your specifications whether the respective employee fulfills all criteria of this role in order to provide the assigned user and access rights. Of course, it is possible for a user to have several roles in your company at the same time and thus require a wide range of user rights for resources, systems and data. To ensure that you are always up to date, this allocation is not only carried out when new users are created, but is also checked automatically on a daily basis. This way, your identity management is always up to date and you can be sure that each employee only has access to what he really needs for his or her work. In addition, you make a good first impression on new employees, since they have access to everything they will need for their future work on their first day. The provisioning of user and access rights for internal personnel changes is just as efficient and automated.

All new creations and changes are automatically time-stamped in Goldright Enterprise Suite. You also have the ability to manually assign time-limited or additional permissions, such as for substitutions or activities performed outside of a normal role. You control these exceptions, as well as new creations and changes, via unique rights and workflows that define who is allowed to edit and release what and for which resources, systems and information. With the appropriate interfaces, your employees are given access to selected folders on OneDrive or Sharepoint, as well as to specific software, systems, licenses or any other resources needed to work, immediately after the final internal release. Even in the case of maternity leave, sabbatical or leaving the company, the employee identities with all information are not deleted, but set to “inactive”. This automatically deactivates all authorizations and access rights and also documents them at the same time. In this way you can reactivate the corresponding user with his roles, just as he was before the deactivation. This gives you a 360° view of your identity management at all times and also gives you control over compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations. In addition, you avoid typical sources of errors that arise during manual work and relieve employees who previously performed these tasks manually at great expense of time. In this way, you are fit for the next IT audit and at the same time have also sustainably reduced administrative costs.


Data editing – reporting system & time stamp

Through the automatic storage of new installations and changes, a version history is created during daily work. In this way, you always have access to audit-proof, historical and also current data. With just a few clicks, you create automatic reports, analyses and interactive graphics of your Identity Management. Of course, you now also have the necessary database to make target/actual comparisons and, if necessary, to refine your user roles.


Technological sustainability of Identity Management

With the Enterprise Suite, you remain as flexible as your company needs you to be, even in the long term. Because it adapts to new technologies and IT systems at any time with the configurable interfaces and uploads and your IT landscape remains unchanged. You decide whether you run Identity Management in our sovereign cloud, in your own cloud or on-premise. The Goldright Enterprise Suite has a flexible data model and is modular, so it can grow with your requirements at any time and can even be used in other business areas or for managing access rights or hardware if necessary. The browser-based interface can be operated intuitively and without IT knowledge, and it automatically maps your complex user matrix. In this way, you create the optimal conditions for a fully digitalized value chain with the perfect balance between smooth access and effective protection. For all adaptations and extensions that you cannot or do not want to carry out yourself, your contact person at Goldright will be happy to assist you at any time.


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