In all the processes, procedures, tasks and activities that occur continuously in a hospital, the patient master data is often given relatively little attention. It is precisely this information that is particularly important for daily operations and, above all, the case files. This personal master data is the information that is descriptive and identifying. They rarely change and are characterized by their stability. These include, for example, name, home address, date of birth, social security number, long-term medications, blood group, family members or even previous illnesses. The spectrum is broad and includes data from the private and professional field of the patient. Many of these personal master data are also required in the course of the treatment in an application-specific manner in other departments or areas. For example, for carrying out investigations, communication, billing or even for transfers and recipes.

Which also takes us a step further in the case data. This is all time-stamped information related to admission and treatment. They are continuously recorded in order to map the current case or course of the disease. It is based on the patient master data, since they uniquely identify or fundamentally describe the person. Only in combination of the two types of data will a complete patient file be created.

It is precisely this connection that is the reason why homogeneous, complete patient master data are the basis for your surgical activity. The poorer the quality of your personal master data, the less precise, inefficient and faulty your operational processes and procedures will be. This in turn means that you need significantly more time for administrative and routine activities than would actually be necessary. In order to counteract this, you do not need to completely rebuild your data landscape in the environment of your patients. Our multi-domain Master Data Management is precisely geared to these requirements and integrates into your existing data landscape independently of predominant IT systems or providers. Because effectiveness starts directly with you in patient management, if you work with constantly available, complete and accurate personal data, you have more time for treating patients.