The basis for this and also for day-to-day business, growth and innovation in your company is formed by homogeneous and clean master data, which your entire organization can access when needed. Due to the historically grown, heterogeneous IT landscape, this is often not that easy. This is exactly where our Master Data Management comes in.

Master Data Management – ​​briefly explained.

Our Master Data Management (MDM) goes beyond the basic idea of classic Golden Records and Master Data Management. The focal point is the Goldright Enterprise Suite, which you connect to your existing data landscape via configurable and bidirectional interfaces.

In this central system, a clear view of your non-transactional master data is created. First, the classic Golden Record is created. In doing so, your master data are consolidated into a complete, correct and homogeneous data record using a data model and rules. Subsequently, relations to other data records, data attributes, documents and information are established. If required, they can also be enriched with key figures. Thanks to this context, your master data already have more information content than before.

The next step is carried out completely automatically within the daily work. In its version history, the Enterprise Suite saves all changes and creations of records, attributes, files, information and relations with a timestamp or validity. In this way, layer by layer, a key date-related view of your master data is created in which you can jump to any date in the past or in the future at the click of a button. With this function, you can create reports, analyses and exports for any date whenever you want and have the respective data view with all relevant information at your fingertips at the touch of a button.

With the Enterprise Suite you can use the full information content of your Master Data. In doing so, you make your data what they are in and of themselves – your most useful asset for achieving your digital, strategic and operational business goals.