Organizational data management is complex and time-consuming when it is operated in a heterogeneous data environment and employee master data is manually consolidated. Due to the susceptibility to errors and additional multiple maintenance of employee data, poor master data quality and the resulting information gaps are inevitable. This is largely due to the fact that there are no complete internal and external employee master data sets containing all relevant data elements and files anywhere.

The basic requirement for excellent organizational data management and targeted, data-driven employee lifecycle management is a central database or enterprise suite. This is usually an all-in-one business software that is both data storage, data hub, work system, workflow and reporting system. It integrates into your existing IT landscape and consolidates all relevant data elements and files from all existing source systems and source files into central, complete and homogeneous employee master data sets (so-called golden records). The special feature is that with the Enterprise Suite you can also create interfaces to external IT systems if required and not only have internal but also external organizational data in this database. So that everything can be traced at any time, the origin of all data elements and files is automatically documented. In this way, you always have a complete overview of all internal and external employee master data.

In order to get a complete all-round view of your organizational structure, the golden records of your employees are enriched with hierarchies, relationships, dependencies, department, team and project affiliations. This allows you to document direct and indirect connections in a comprehensible manner and receive a constantly available 360° view of your complete, internal and external organizational structure. In addition, you also get an all-round view of each individual employee and an insight into the different levels.

The complete information content of the golden records of all employees and the structure of your company can only be accessed through the automatic, chronological master data management. With every change or addition, a new version of the edited golden record is automatically created in the Enterprise Suite, with user and time stamp or validity. This gives you individual time shifts with the complete, current or historical 360° view of your organizational structure or just of individual employees.

The golden records of your employees can thus spread their previously hidden, ultimate power with the reporting system integrated in the company software. There you can call up key date-stamped or up-to-date, complete and reliable reports, analyses, exports and graphic representations with just a few clicks. You also have access to the necessary database for target/actual comparisons and trends at any time. Your reporting throughout your company always refers to your central database with the relevant, complete and homogeneous golden records of your employees. This means that there is also a common understanding of the data and the master data is interpreted correctly and uniformly across the company when it comes to strategic and operational decisions. The reason is that the golden record and the 360° view of your organizational structure give you the knowledge you need for solid, data-driven decision-making.

For best-in-class organizational data management, you need high-quality, complete, and reliable employee golden records. This is based on your individual master data model, which we develop together with you before the implementation of the Organizational Data Management. This is important because golden records are only valuable and open up the entire available information content of your organizational structure and your internal and external employees if they fit your business processes, procedures and questions.