You are probably familiar with the challenges and risks posed by strict regulations in legal entity management and in the energy sector. Just like the fact that this sector is characterized by historically grown companies, as well as mergers and acquisitions. These factors usually lead to the fact that the challenges around the management of your participation and companies grow exponentially with the amount of data. Nevertheless, the demands of transparency, topicality, efficiency, as well as internal and external legal determination must be met.

This may sound complicated and burdensome at first, but in our experience, it can usually be implemented promptly and efficiently with Legal Entity Management. This is because our it is designed to do just that and provides you with everything you need in one IT system (Enterprise Suite).


1. Complete, key date-related participation data in the Enterprise Suite.

One of the main benefits of implementing our Legal Entity Management is that it gives you a common, complete and reliable database for all your participation and companies. The All-In-One Enterprise Suite is the future hub for the management and maintenance of all master data and files. In it, all relevant data elements, files and, if applicable, key figures are consolidated into complete, error-free master data records via uploads and bidirectional interfaces. In addition, you also map the shares, dependencies and relationships between all participation and companies. This gives you a 360° view of your investment structure, with all mandates for your direct or indirect investments, as well as all necessary additional information. In addition, our four data dimensions allow you to tap the full information potential of your investment master data. In this way, your data becomes your most useful asset for planning, managing and monitoring your corporate investments in a results-oriented manner.


2. Legally compliant collaboration, access and documentation with time reference.

In the Enterprise Suite, you centrally and seamlessly control the processing of and access to your investment and company master data. This is because the processing and read authorization can be precisely defined individually, down to individual elements of a data record. In this way, you can ensure that all relevant legal regulations are always complied with. You coordinate internal and external cooperation via workflows with a reminder function that are customized for your employees and your work processes. In this way, you digitize your existing work processes and implement the dual control principle, approvals and other important sequences.

Since all legal entity master data, as well as additional information, are consolidated and retrievable in one system, it also takes care of things being misplaced or not being found. In Enterprise Suite, you have comprehensive search options ranging from normalized full-text searches in individual data elements or groups to complex, combined search queries. The same systematic approach also applies to filters. The automatic version history allows you to find holdings and companies, including all information, even after name changes.

Instead of managing and maintaining the particiapation data in documents, lists or even partially in systems, as was previously the case, you carry out this work centrally on the intuitive, web-based user interface of the Enterprise Suite. If necessary, it is also possible to edit certain parts of this master data in the previous source systems. The advantage of Goldright Enterprise Suite is that nothing is overwritten during master data maintenance and creation. A version history with timestamp and user is created for all details such as data elements, files and relationships. If you want to complete an edit ahead of time or after the fact, you simply assign a validity date. In this way, complete views of your legal entity master data are created for each individual day, as you were at that particular point in time. These key date-related data views are digitally layered on top of each other and can be called up at any time via the specific date, with just a few clicks. This provides you with an audit-proof, key date-related documentation (so-called change history) and the indispensable basis for current or also key date-related reports, analyses and graphics, without you having to do anything yourself.


3. Reporting on key dates with automation.

We create your reports and graphics individually according to your existing templates in the Reporting Engine. We are also happy to create additional reports, graphics and analyses or exports according to your wishes. In this way, all areas and the reporting department in your company have access to a uniform, legally compliant and key date-related database. Instead of creating graphics and reports manually, you can now do this centrally and efficiently in the Reporting Engine. As with the workflows, you control the detailed user and access rights centrally and yet individually, down to the level of individual data elements. In this way, you also ensure in reporting that all legal regulations are fully complied with and that everyone only sees what they should see. Apart from this, the Enterprise Suite also has all the functions of a data hub and can automatically transfer data records or elements to other IT systems in your organization at any time. This also eliminates the previously insecure, cumbersome exchange of data via email, files and uploads.



The implementation sounds time-consuming at first, but in our experience, it can be done efficiently and promptly. The sooner you get started, the sooner you reduce the time spent on cooperation and on classic administrative tasks, which in turn frees up the capacities of your investment experts for new tasks. From our point of view, however, the greatest benefit is still the constant availability of complete, legally compliant and current or reporting date-related investment and company master data. In addition, you consistently and traceably fulfil all the requirements of transparency, up-to-dateness, efficiency, as well as the internal and external legal provisions that apply to your organization.


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