Energy strategy continues to be strongly driven by public opinion and politics, and sustainable forms of energy are in focus. In order to meet the associated goals and requirements, an efficient and consistent investment strategy is necessary. The basis for this is a flexible and reliable investment management. Because the degree to which you achieve your operational and strategic goals determines whether your organization remains competitive in the long term.

The more participations and companies your organization has, the greater the risk that the previous way of working will reach its limits in activities related to your investment management and furthermore efficiency will also progressively decrease. As a result, your administrative apparatus incurs unnecessarily high costs, has long response times and struggles with error-prone reporting. This in turn results in costs that you are forced to pass on to your customers sooner or later, and ultimately in risky, slow investment decisions.

Our Legal Entity Management improves your strategic and operational target achievement for the following six reasons:

  1. In the Enterprise Suite, you form central, homogeneous, reliable and constantly available investment and company master data records, in which you manage and process all information, files and dependencies.
  2. You get a legally compliant 360° view of your complete shareholding structure at any time at the touch of a button and thus the necessary knowledge for data-based, sound decisions.
  3. In the integrated workflows and reporting, you centrally assign user-defined, individual access and editing rights. In this way, you consistently comply with all regulations and legal provisions applicable to your organization.
  4. Our Enterprise Suite documents all changes and new installations with a timestamp and user in an audit-proof manner.
  5. With the workflows mapped in the Enterprise Suite, your employees can carry out all activities efficiently and also comply seamlessly with control principles in your investment management environment.
  6. The integrated reporting system considers the type of consolidation to be used. It also supports your staff in the efficient creation of reports, analyses, exports and graphical presentations.

Our Legal Entity Managementt meets all the requirements of technological sustainability and therefore follows a no-code approach and a modular structure. This means that you have the option of making extensions and adjustments to your Legal Entity Management at any time. With the appropriate training, you can do most of this yourself or use our support if required. In the intuitive, web-based user interface, your employees carry out all activities in the environment of your investment management themselves and do not need any support from your IT.

This gives your investment management a long-term, competitive position. In addition, your costs and administrative effort remain as low as possible and predictable. With the legally compliant 360° view of your complete investment structure, you can effectively achieve your strategic and operational goals. You are also always well and quickly prepared for audits and any ad-hoc decisions.


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