The energy sector has recently been exposed to an increasing number of influences from its environment and society. Almost all of the resulting aspects have a direct or indirect impact on the participation management in your organization. This results in a variety of external and internal legal requirements, the call for transparency, environmental protection and efficiency. Finally, in this field of tension, the most difficult requirements are added, namely those of timeliness, reliability and legal certainty of your reporting system for participation and companies. The forces at play are consistently very contradictory and challenging. That is why we have compiled three tips for you on how to make your legal entity management more efficient and at the same time audit-proof.

The more extensive and fast-moving your company and participation structure is, the more complex and time-consuming master data maintenance and cooperation become. Simple tools and stopgap solutions such as files, lists and e-mail distribution lists soon reach their limits, as they are time-consuming and error prone. In the course, the desire often arises for a central IT system to consolidate, maintain and edit all participation and company data in a clear and traceable manner. This already summarizes the most important requirements for an legal entity management solution.


1.        Efficient, digital collaboration

Our Legal EntityManagement fulfills exactly that and more. The starting point and focal point for the digitization of your legal entity management with all its tasks is our Enterprise Suite. It can be flexibly integrated into your existing IT landscape, follows a no-code approach (no programming skills required) and is available on-premise or as a cloud solution. It consolidates all available data, files and additional information into correct, reliable, uniform and shareable participation master data records based on rules. The unique perspective gives you an additional 360° view of your investment structure and secures useful knowledge.

This also means that you are also ready for the digitization of your work processes and workflows in the workflow engine of the Enterprise Suite. In it, we set up your customized workflows and control principles. With detailed access and editing rights, you have an overview at all times and also end-to-end control. Everyone knows what needs to be done and saves a lot of time. With the integrated reminder functions, you also have an overview of all deadlines and, if necessary, you also include committees, meetings and the preparatory work for your reporting system in the workflows.

For each process of internal and external cooperation, a machine-based, time-related documentation with time stamp and user is created. In case you want to do work retroactively or in advance, you use the validity. In this way, the complete, key date-related database of your direct and indirect participation is also created, without your intervention, and thus the indispensable basis for your digital reporting.


2.       Digital, key date-related reporting.

The reporting engine integrated in the Enterprise Suite covers all previous tasks of your reporting, from the creation of resolution templates and business analyses to comprehensive, regular reporting. We prepare the required graphics, structures and exports for you according to your user-defined specifications. You can create the required reference date with just a few clicks. Apart from that, you also control and monitor access to this information throughout the workflow engine. Graphical evaluations are also available for complex deviation analyses, such as between actual and planned figures (including actual figures from the previous year or extrapolations). This means that you have throughout digitized all tasks relating to ad hoc and standard reports and have access to a common, correct, complete and time-related database. Again, this saves you a lot of time and thus costs in the long term, and should anything ever change, it can be quickly adapted via the intuitive user interface.


3.       Continuous compliance with legal obligations.

Finally, the circle closes with complete compliance with legal obligations. In the Enterprise Suite, you seamlessly monitor and control all tasks and processes in the environment of your investment structure, which also ensures that all internal and external legal requirements are complied with at all times. Thanks to the common data basis, you benefit from traceability through your documentation and the legally compliant, historical or current 360° view of your entire investment structure. This means that you have all the information you need for transparency, disclosure requirements or environmental protection offensives at your fingertips in a timely manner.



Because we care about your long-term satisfaction, your Legal Entity Management is flexible and modular. This allows you to react to changes at any time with the appropriate adjustments and enhancements. This ensures that your legal entity management runs smoothly and with the lowest possible effort and costs.


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