In order to be fit for an IT audit at all times, you need complete, homogeneous, audit-proof and constantly, centrally available user master data. In addition, you have an unrestricted historical and current 360° view of your user matrix. This is the only way you can exploit the full information content of your user master data on the one hand while ensuring the necessary protection of your intangible assets and IT resources on the other.

In practice, it usually looks different and the data landscape of your user master data is scattered and heterogeneous, which is why the suitability to meet the information needs of your company is sometimes worse or better. Transparency often suffers as a result and there is only limited security as to which employee actually has access to which data, IT systems and resources. This affects the security of your IT and also harbors certain risks for your company. However, these consequences of the dubious quality of your user master data can be reduced very well and permanently by sustainably improving your master data quality. Because, the better your data quality is in the identity & access management (IAM) environment, the better the basic requirements for your IT security are met.

Our Identity Management is geared, among other things, towards using four data dimensions to ensure consistently high user master data quality and to close your information gaps. This approach is based on a centralized all-in-one enterprise suite, which is centrally integrated into your existing system landscape in the area of ​​your identity and access management. In addition, we develop an individual data model in a joint workshop with you. This concept ensures good user master data quality in the long term and follows our four data dimensions:

Data harmonization – unique user identities

Complete, consistent and unique internal and external user identities are created and stored in your central Enterprise Suite from all previous source systems and files, such as HR management systems. Duplicates are recognized in this step, as well as in the case of manual entry, and cleaned up using predefined, individual workflows. Likewise, the origin of each individual data attribute in the version history is always documented automatically and traceably in the case of data harmonization or any changes and additions. In addition, your identity & access management acts as a working or input system and bidirectional data hub if required.

Data enrichment – complete user profiles

With the free, unrestricted mapping of hierarchies, relationships, dependencies, project structures and groups, you map your complete organizational structure in an understandable way. In this way, you can identify direct and indirect connections and acquire a comprehensive view the working environment of every internal and external employee. This information, together with the individually assigned roles and tasks, is the basis for the automatic provisioning and verification of user-defined access and editing rights. In addition, you always have a current or historical-data view of all complete, correct, internal and external user profiles in your company.

Data management – automatic provisioning & control

In this step, the actual work is made easier and the time spent on identity and access management is reduced. Your clear, comprehensive user profiles form the basis for the rule-based comparison of whether all the criteria for the assigned tasks and roles are met. Only then are the required user and access rights automatically provisioned. According to the same principle, it is regularly checked whether all assigned IT access and rights are still required, if not, they are blocked.

Data preparation – reporting system & time-stamping

With the reporting system integrated into the Enterprise Suite, you can access the complete, current or historical 360° view of your user matrix at any time. This allows you to create audit-proof reports, analyses, exports and interactive graphical representations. You also have access to the data for target/actual comparisons and the refinement of your user profiles at any time. This means that you are always well-prepared for IT audits.

By implementing our All-In-One Identity Management in your company, you kill several birds with one stone. You continuously digitalize and control all workflows and processes in the environment of your identity and access management. In addition, due to the permanently high quality of your user master data, you close the information gap and uncertainty in your company in the long term. In addition, you reduce the time required, increase IT security at the same time and are always perfectly prepared for the next IT audit