The transformation of the world of work and the establishment of new working models, such as mobile or project-based work, has taken off faster than forecasted. Despite the resulting increase in complexity, the undisturbed and efficient flow of day-to-day work is at the top of priority lists. In this context, IT privileges and access rights to data, IT resources, and systems are of particular importance. Your external and internal employees must have quick and easy access to everything they need to do their job, however you must protect your company’s data and knowledge. This makes access and identity management a key factor in your business success. Digitizing and automating your identity management (IDM) is the means to an end, ensuring that your IT is well positioned and up to the task for a sustainable future.

Why is it straightforward and quick alike? With the help of our automatic 4D Identity Management system, your employees are granted the quick and hassle-free IT privileges they need. What’s more, your IT department has constant access to the current, correct, and comprehensive 360° user matrix. It really is as straightforward as it sounds; the 4D Enterprise Suite is your centralized IT system that integrates seamlessly into your existing data and IT landscape, generating consistent, accurate, and constantly available employee profiles with privileges, roles and, if necessary, access, from all available data sources. You can also map the connections, dependencies, and hierarchies of your employee identities. In this way, you can access your centralized, comprehensive, and always-available 360° user matrix with all external and internal employees. In the future, the required IT privileges and accesses will be automatically granted based on the assigned roles. You control approvals and other work processes via the workflow tool integrated into the 4D Enterprise Suite. Every step and process is documented automatically while also being audit-proof. What’s more, our 4D Identity Management conducts daily checks on whether the roles and tasks performed by your employees have changed and, if required, blocks rights and accesses that are no longer required. This means that your identity management (IDM) is always up to date so you can rest assured that each employee only has access to what they really need to do their job.

With the reporting tool integrated into the 4D Enterprise Suite, you have access to audit-proof, historical, or current data at any time. From now on, key date-related or current reports, analyses, and even interactive graphical displays are easy to generate with the web-based user interface. Of course, you now also have the database you need to make target/real comparisons and resharpen your user roles on an ongoing basis.

What’s more, with our 4D Identity Management (4D IDM), you remain as flexible and agile as your company needs at any given time. With its modular structure and configurable interfaces, the 4D Enterprise Suite constantly adapts to new requirements. This means you can finally relieve your IT department from having to conduct routine identity management (IDM) activities, while striking the perfect balance between hitch-free access and effective protection of your data, IT resources and systems.