In our experience, the audit compliance of your legal entity management is doubtful if you rely on e-mail, spreadsheets, text documents or conventional document repositories for administration, archiving and cooperation. Even if you use one or more IT systems, it is essential that they meet certain requirements.

In general, it is expedient for all data, information, files and also tasks in the context of your legal entity management to be consolidated in a central web application that also meets all the requirements of audit compliance. Our Legal Entity Management is fully integrated into your existing IT landscape and is independent of third-party providers for software and IT systems. Apart from that, the Enterprise Suite can also handle uploads from all common file formats and, with its intuitive, web-based input interface, is also suitable as an input system for your legal entity management.

In our Enterprise Suite, your investment and company master data are always audit-compliant and you also benefit from three additional advantages:

1) Clear, consistent audit compliance

In the Enterprise Suite, complete, reliable records for your investments, companies and legal entities are created from your source systems and files. This proper, complete database contains all essential data, information, files and correlations. Unlawful practices and manipulation are prevented by custom access and editing rights associated with workflows and reporting. With all of this, the Enterprise Suite always automatically saves details about the origin, as well as changing and supplementary activities, with a time stamp. This clear documentation can be accessed and viewed by authorized persons at any time.


2) Audit- and legally compliant cooperation

You can centrally control compliance with the regulations, requirements and control principles applicable to your organization via individual workflows, which are created based on your previous workflows and processes. Custom permissions individually regulate visibility and access for each user. For all changing and supplementary activities, the Enterprise Suite automatically saves a separate data view with a time stamp and user. In this way, a history is created, with individual points in time and the associated reliable, complete data view of your 360° investment structure. This evident history is always available, depending on your permissions.


3) Audit-compliant reporting related to the reporting date (history)

Your reporting accesses the evident history, with visibility and access defined via custom permissions. This ensures that all legal regulations applicable to your organization are consistently enforced during reporting in the context of your legal entity management. Using the Enterprise Suite web-based user interface, you can create reports, analyses and exports related to the reporting date, which you can set up in advance according to your previous templates and taking into account the type of consolidation to be applied.


4) No IT-specific expertise required

To ensure that you will not need any programming knowledge, our Legal Entity Management follows a coherent no-code approach with a modular structure. In the web-based, intuitive user interface, you can perform data maintenance, create reports, analyses, graphical representations and exports. Complex, recurring queries and searches are configured for you according to your requirements and you can create simpler ones yourself if necessary. After your training, you will be able to make small to medium modifications yourself. For larger, more involved changes and extensions, please contact your dedicated contact person at our support team.


Summary Legal Entity Management

Our Legal Entity Management is an all-in-one enterprise solution with which you can clearly enforce audit compliance in all areas surrounding your legal entity management. The audit-compliant, time-stamped 360° view of your investment structure supports you in achieving your operational and strategic goals. In addition, you are always well and quickly prepared for audits and any ad hoc decisions. Last but not least, you are independent of your IT and reduce the amount of time spent on traditional administrative tasks.


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