Basically, the more complex your situation and questions are, the more likely it is that you will improve your situation quickly and sustainably with our Master Data Management (MDM). Interested parties contact us most frequently when they are confronted with the following challenges in their company:

  • The IT landscape is multifaceted and heterogeneous (data silos).
  • Master data is maintained in several systems simultaneously.
  • For some master data, there is no IT system at all or they are only partially managed in a data system.
  • The volume of data, and with it the complexity, is growing, which means that data consolidation is becoming increasingly tedious and data quality is also declining at the same time.
  • The processes and procedures relating to their master data are dynamic and it is becoming significantly more difficult to keep the database up to date.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements, such as the EU GDPR and internal compliance, are not consistently observed or documented.
  • The data quality in the individual systems keeps deteriorating, despite diverse and recurring quality offensives.
  • The internal and external collaboration on their master data is extremely time-consuming and still prone to errors.
  • There is no central system for their master data, which means that the response time and the time required for data maintenance and processing are extremely high.
  • Their master data is maintained or consolidated in a spreadsheet.
  • The master data from different areas are not connected with each other, which means that they do not have a 360° view of their company.
  • The creation of reports and evaluations is complex and time-consuming, and there is a lack of historical data for comparisons or reports relating to key dates.

For which industries and types of Master Data is the Enterprise Suite suitable?

Our Master Data Model is very flexible and can therefore be used in different business areas and industries. In addition, we also offer special solutions for Legal Entity Management, Identity Management and Organizational Data Management.