Is there no IT system for your Legal Entity Management and company master data and do you laboriously consolidate additional data and key figures from several systems or spreadsheet programs? Then you know the daily challenges and the risks that arise in this heterogeneous, legally strict environment in Legal Entity Management (LEM). These risks increase over time as well as with the growing size, complexity and dynamics of the group or holding structure. At best, you’ll eventually realize that the information you want isn’t immediately available, and at worst, you’ll discover that someone has made a mistake.


You holdings master data are assets

That’s why we see your legal entity and company master data as what they are: your most useful asset, which contributes significantly to the increase in value of your company. With Goldright’s Master Data Model, you can unleash the full information potential of your data and always have access to it. In this way, you can use a common, complete and reliable basis for your master data in your organization, in which the connections between legal entity and company data and key figures are also shown. You can centrally control internal and external collaboration via access rights and workflows, even across national and company borders. The Enterprise Suite also saves all changes and new creations individually with a time stamp. In addition, you have the option of assigning a validity to individual data records if required. The resulting key date-related, complete data view can be accessed at any time with the push of a button. Nevertheless, everyone only has access to the data and information that is actually allowed to be seen. If you work internationally, you have the option of creating your data in the web-based user interface in several languages, such as Chinese, French or English.


Data synchronization

The first step is the introduction of the Enterprise Suite as a single, central IT system for consolidating, managing and, if necessary, processing your legal entity and company master data. All the master data of your holdings, companies, people and documents are consolidated there via interfaces and uploads and, if necessary, enhanced with the required key figures. New creations and changes are made manually in the web-based browser interface of the Goldright Enterprise Suite.


Data modelling

In a further step, you establish the connections between the data records of your holdings, companies, mandates, shareholders, as well as the associated documents and key figures. In the same way, you can also edit and manage committees, meetings, appointments, deadlines and minutes if necessary. Individually adjustable access rights allow you to control who can edit and see what down to the level of individual data elements, key figures and documents. You regulate the collaboration and task distribution via central workflows with reminder functions. To do this, you adopt or adjust the existing work processes on a case-by-case basis and then assign the individual work steps to the appropriate people. This completes the initial setup of your Legal Entity Management and all regulations of the EU GDPR, compliance and confidentiality are observed throughout.


Evident change history

During day-to-day work, the Enterprise Suite automatically saves who has made which changes and new creations, and when. The change and creation of the individual data elements, data sets, dependencies and documents are retained without gaps and are not overwritten as in a table or a text file. If you have forgotten an entry, you can edit documents, dependencies, data records or elements with “valid from” after the fact. It is also possible during daily work or in advance to enter changes, additions or new creations to master data, data attributes, relations and files with “valid from” or “valid until”.


Record data views & reports

In this way, complete data views related to the key date are created over time, which are superimposed layer by layer like a cake. This enables you to call up a reliable and complete data view of your legal entities and companies for any desired date in the past or in the future, exactly as it was at that point in time. You can create automated reports, analyses and exports based on a key date, whenever you want, with the click of a button, which you can set up in advance according to your previous templates. Changes to the group or holding structure can also be called up on a reference date if required. For you, this means more time for your core tasks, since all standard reports, charts and graphics are created automatically, taking into account the consolidation type to be used. You assign the documents and exports to the respective recipients and thus ensure that the EU GDPR, compliance and confidentiality rules are observed.


Your advantages with the Legal Entity Management

With Legal Entity Management, you can access the full information content of your investment and company master data. You considerably shorten your reaction time to inquiries and still reduce the time required, and thus also the costs, for the administration and maintenance of the holdings and companies. In the Goldright Enterprise Suite, you provide internal and external users with a common, complete and reliable database for Legal Entity Management and facilitate collaboration. Nevertheless, you always have full control over your master data, files and key figures, which means that you continuously comply with internal and external legal regulations. With the key date-related, legally compliant data views, reports and exports, you always have access to the information you need for notifications and reports. In this way, you create the optimal conditions to achieve your operational and strategic investment goals.


What else can Legal Entity Management do?

The Goldright Enterprise Suite is and will remain as mobile and agile as your organization and is also technologically sustainable. The IT systems in your company, companies and holdings remain unchanged. You always have the option of incorporating and connecting new systems and technologies. If necessary, your appropriately trained employees will adapt your individual data model, reports and interfaces, or you can use our support. During the initial setup, you decide whether and which tasks you want to take on yourself, and whether the project will be rolled out in an agile or classic way. Of course, with the Master Data Management (MDM), you also have the option later on to manage and maintain master data in other business areas.


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