With all the processes, procedures, tasks and activities going on every day in your company, user master data often gets fairly little attention. It is precisely these unique user profiles that protect your intangible assets such as data, knowledge and IT resources from unauthorized and harmful use. This user master data is information that is descriptive and uniquely identifying. They rarely change and are notable for their longevity. This includes, for example, name, employee number, job title, department, tasks, roles and other user-defined, individual identifiers. All of this user master data is required to automatically grant rule-based access and user authorizations required by employees. The reason for this is that only comprehensive, error-free user master data ensures that your internal and external employees have only the IT authorizations that they actually need to work at the moment.

Which brings us to transactional data in the area of operational work and decisions. These are all time-stamped activities that are continuously recorded on a daily basis. They are based on the user master data, as they make the internal and external employees clearly identifiable or describe them in a fundamental way. Movement data in the Identity & Access Management environment includes, for example, the storage of logins with user, time stamp and other information. This also includes the purchase and billing of an IT license or the billing of a customer’s individual hourly rate for the service provided. The user master data is also the basis for the transactional data when making decisions, for example when it comes to whether an employee has free capacity for a new project, or when it comes to who is standing in for a colleague on an interim basis while he/she is on vacation. Even in the case of transfers to other locations, the user master data is the basis for operational activities such as assignment to a new work location, changing IT authorizations, changing access permission and other necessary activities.

It is precisely for this causal connection that constantly available, reliable and complete user master data is the foundation for your business activities. Otherwise, the worse the quality of your user master data, the more imprecise, inefficient and erroneous your operational processes, procedures and decisions become. This, in turn, means that you need to devote significantly more time on administrative and routine activities for your Identity & Access Management than would otherwise be necessary.

To avoid this, you don’t need to set up your data landscape from scratch. Our all-in-one identity and access management is tailored precisely to these requirements and integrates into your existing data landscape, regardless of the prevailing IT systems or providers. Because effectiveness starts directly with you in Identity & Access Management. If you work with permanently available, complete and correct user master data, then you will have more time to spend on the actual IT work.


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