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As a big player in the food industry, the Bühler Group is a global corporation whose core competence is to produce plant equipment, provide related services for processing foods and manufacture advanced die–casting machines. It is a highly developed and globally leading company whose solutions interact with billions of people every day, either directly or indirectly.

Success stories

Client facts

Company name: Bühler Group
Industry: Manufacturing
Annual sales: 2 billion EUR
Number of employees: 10.000
Number of entities: 160
Success stories


The Bühler Group employs 10,000 people in more than 160 branches worldwide. Together, the Group generates  annual sales of about 2.5 billion euros.  Given this background, it is obvious that the management of all subsidiaries, but also of the entire reporting system, is a highly complex task.

So far, the Bühler Group has performed its decision management  based on  Microsoft Word files. Organizational charts, participation files, and group charts had to be prepared manually.  Workload and administrative efforts were correspondingly high.

Therefore, the goal was to implement a system that makes the heterogeneous international structure visible at the push of a button.  In the end of 2013, Bühler Group started to investigate up-to-date software solutions to sustainably increase the efficiency and quality of data in order to handle corporation-wide investment management.

Success stories


With Goldright, the Bühler Group has succeeded in implementing a state-of-the-art investment management solution that provides a comprehensive picture of the corporation-wide investment landscape at the touch of a button. Concurrently, dynamic time dimensions such as deadlines of mandates can be taken into account by means of an e-mail reminder. The homogenization of the data in order to make it available and updatable for reporting serves as a basis.

In addition, reasonably sized authorizations can now be easily assigned to users. Moreover, the central operation of the system in Chinese and English meets the global requirements of the entire Bühler Group. Goldright has thus enabled the Bühler Group to achieve a significant increase in the efficiency concerning its investment management.

“GOLDRIGHT is easy to use and gives us access to up-to-date data concerning all areas of our investment dossier. That’s a real must-have for an international, fast-growing group like Bühler.”

Maja Krapf, ex. Head of Legal Services at Bühler Group
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Optimizing a business and empowering data transparency is a constantly evolving journey. Let’s do it together.