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From the energy transition to the procurement of services and the implementation of new legal regulations: today, communal energy and water suppliers are faced with more challenges than ever before – challenges that are easier to tackle when all parties collaborate. As central link and minority shareholder, Munich-based Thüga acts as a link between 100 municipal utilities and local suppliers, together forming Germany’s largest network of independent energy companies.

Success stories

Client facts

Company name: Thüga AG
Industry: Energy Industry
Annual sales: 21.6 billion EUR
Number of employees: 17,700
Number of entities: 100
Success stories


Collaboration between more than 100 holdings of communal energy companies results in a large amount of master and transaction data that has to be documented and made available at Thüga AG.

The master data is particularly complex: In addition to the numerous sub-cooperations, there is also a large number of committees and dates that need to be linked in a meaningful way, for example, in order to coordinate and prepare for supervisory board meetings. For many years, no standard solution was available on the market that covered the management of both master and transaction data in equal measures, therefore Thüga AG created its own in-house solution based on SAP.

However, as the complexity of the data structure increased, efforts to maintain and evaluate the master data increased disproportionately, in part due to forms not being particularly user-friendly, nor process oriented. In addition, data maintenance increasingly required special expertise, which limited the handling to only a few employees.

Success stories


After conducting a comprehensive market analysis, with the support of a consulting partner, Thüga decided in favor of the Goldright Legal Entity Manager.

As one of the few standard solutions, it combines the collection, linking, and provisioning of both master and transaction data. Thanks to outstanding usability, even non-experts can now maintain the master data and create Excel- or PDF-based evaluations. The scalability of the solution is another great benefit, e.g., simplifying the process of management meetings, by granting access to information with the touch of a button for all authorized users.

“With Goldright, we implemented a professional standard solution that combines both the user-friendly collecting and provisioning of complex master data and transaction data within one solution.“

Dieter Matthes, Head of Participations
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Optimizing a business and empowering data transparency is a constantly evolving journey. Let’s do it together.