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VINCI Energies Switzerland, with the brands ETAVIS, ACTEMIUM, and AXIANS has more than 3,100 employees in 25 independent companies. VINCI Energies is the ideal contact for electrical engineering, telecommunications infrastructure, HVAC, telematics, photovoltaics, ICT, etc. The company’s focus is also on electrical installation control, automation technology, switchgear construction, technical building management, industrial maintenance, and energy optimization with the goal of supporting two large changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. VINCI Energies develops integrated solutions and connects engineering with the maintenance and service in order to support the entire lifecycle of buildings with 1,800 business units in 56 countries worldwide.

Success stories

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Company name: Vinci Energies AG
Industry: Construction
Annual sales: International: 48,053 billion Euro (2019)
Number of employees: International: 211,233
Number of entities: International: 3,200 Companies worldwide
Success stories


Vinci Energies AG onboards and offboards hundreds of employees per month. They work with their own, in-house software which helps them to register and unregister employees, record times, store employee data, and gain a better picture of the general organizational structure.

Over time, the company has grown, the number of employees has increased, and the data has become more complex, which has resulted in the need for an application that would rely on consolidated master data and which would ease the mentioned processes and create a reliable system for Vinci’s organizational structure.

The management considered different Master Data solutions and, in 2016, decided in favor of Goldright Master Data Manager thanks to its broad features such as the automated workflow and logging of changes, real-time view of the data, rapid customization, and easily configurable APIs.

Success stories


Goldright Master Data Manager is a key system in Vinci Energies’ network. By providing multiple technical interfaces for data and easy access to data sources, it has become a vital link in the management of their global network. As an all-encompassing solution, it makes gathering and viewing data a breeze. Moreover, it helps them to find the information they need quickly since all the data is collected at one single point. Goldright ability to define users and rights according to user or role has helped Vinci Energies to gain a very detailed and also automated, flexible and safe Workflow engine. Since implementing Goldright, Vinci Energies company has significantly reduced the time of onboarding and offboarding their employees and has made the whole process more centralized and seamless.

“The Goldright team is committed to providing their customers with the highest level of service and support. The whole team is very skilled at what they do and are always highly motivated to be the best at it. Besides, the Goldright team is focused on providing innovative solutions that will allow their customers to meet business challenges head-on. The Goldright team has had an excellent understanding of our needs and was always willing to help us develop our ideas and create and implement powerful features, even on short notice, which resulted in being an even more powerful solution for our company.”

Marina Meier, Application Manager
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Optimizing a business and empowering data transparency is a constantly evolving journey. Let’s do it together.