Master data are the non-transactional data and files stored in your company that represent basic information about business objects. They are the basis for your operational business activities and processes and are permanently valid or very rarely changed. This makes them the foundation on which your company’s success, or all processes and procedures are built. The quality of the master data is decisive for the effectiveness and correctness of your data-driven decisions. The better and more consistent your overall data quality, the more efficient your business will be and the more accurate you will be in your strategic decision-making.

Because your master data, in the form of reporting, tells the history of your company. With properly prepared data, you can access facts, have a 360° view of all business units, and thus also recognize the context of things. This means that your master data is your most useful asset, since it ensures that your company will continue to exist and grow in the long term.

If master data plays such a key role in your company, the question arises as to where it occurs. The answer to that is both short and simple: everywhere, in fact. We have developed applications for multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM):

  • Master Data Management: You buy and sell, regardless of the industry in which your company operates, and whether or what you produce. You need basic information about your suppliers, customers, products, services, raw materials, and similar things. These are used, in a manner specific to the application, in different departments, such as accounting, purchasing or production, for operational and transactional processes and procedures. To give you a complete overview of your business, your master data is grouped, and then consolidated and networked in the Enterprise Suite. With the integrated workflow and reporting engine, you get the necessary 360° view of your business areas and use the complete information content of your master data. This allows you to make data-supported, comprehensive decisions and have the perfect conditions for digitization and Industry 4.0 in your company.
  • Organizational Data Management: Your employees are the linchpin that keeps your business running. This creates a lot of personnel master data, which is used by different areas for operational and transactional activities. Accordingly, it is important to make this sensitive employee information centrally accessible and yet sufficiently protected. The diversity of the data landscape and temporary data storage makes it difficult to fully enforce data protection. For this reason, our Enterprise Suite is also used as a data hub and central access point to all master data. Individual, user-defined access and editing rights always apply. The integrated reporting system provides, among other things, the employee-centric 360° view of your complete organizational structure. Your previous workflows are transferred to the workflow engine and documented in a comprehensible manner.
  • Legal Entity Management: As soon as you have more than three holdings or companies, the complexity of the activities in the legal entity management environment grows. The temporary use of conventional office software and tools cannot replace a professional IT system for investment management. On the one hand, the chronicle is missing, and, on the other hand, the continuous compliance with all applicable legal regulations and control principles can be exceedingly difficult to manage. The Enterprise Suite consolidates all existing holding and company master data using uploads from all common file formats. It then functions as a work and management system, as well as a data hub. Reports as at a particular reporting date with key figures, documents for disclosure obligations and the audit-proof 360° view of your complete investment structure are only a few clicks away and can be called up at any time. The workflow engine helps you comply with processes and control principles. You can also use the reminder function to always keep an eye on all appointments.
  • Identity Management: The fast and smooth access of your internal and external employees to IT systems and resources is the basic prerequisite for efficient work. However, it is also important to protect your critical assets such as knowledge and data. That is why we rely on the automatic provisioning and control of your unique employee identities, including all user and access rights. With the time-stamped, audit-proof 360° view of your complete user matrix, you are ready for the next IT audit. In addition, you also have the database you will need for target/actual comparisons, as well as for sharpening your user roles.


Of course, our MDM applications are individually adapted to your processes, procedures, and your company. Because factual information is only created by master data with four data dimensions: homogeneity, context, version history and chronicle. Our Enterprise Suite runs on-premises or in the cloud and integrates with your existing IT landscape regardless of the tools or vendors you use. In addition, with the web-based user interface you are independent of your IT. It makes no difference whether you take a single module or all of them, as the Enterprise Suite can be adapted at any time.