Equity investments have become increasingly popular in recent years and have now also conquered medium-sized companies. The motives and strategy behind it are diverse and range from driving growth, expanding the product portfolio to using synergies. Reporting is the most important tool for monitoring and controlling the investment portfolio. It is based on the investment master data. This is the numerical and verbal information that is descriptive and uniquely identifying. They rarely change and are therefore characterized by their consistency. This includes, for example, the company, the address, the VAT ID, the mandates, the management, the direct and indirect shareholdings, and other data. The spectrum is wide and includes a large number of permanent data that characterize the respective company.

Which brings us one step further with the key figures. They arise during the operational activities of the company and in its environment. This is all time-based information that changes frequently. The key figures are based on the investment master data, as they clearly identify and fundamentally describe the company. The key operational figures include the number of employees, sales, fixed assets, total assets, annual results, return on investment and other important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Only by combining investment master data and key figures is it possible to create meaningful standard and special reports, which in turn are the basis for solid, data-driven decisions.

This connection is the reason why permanently available, complete and audit-proof investment master data are the basis for the key figures of the investment portfolio. Because if the investment master data is already of poor quality, the reports created with it will be just as imprecise, faulty and time-consuming to create. In order to counteract this, it is not necessary to set up your data landscape in the environment of your investment management from scratch. Our Legal Entity Management is tailored precisely to these requirements and offers you the option of importing the required key figures in addition to the centralized management of your master data. The reason for this is that effectiveness begins directly with you in investment management, making your decisions data-driven so, in turn, you have more time for your core business.