The complexity of investment management (so-called Legal Entity Management) in the construction industry is often underestimated. For this reason, conventional office software and tools are often still in use. However, these do not meet the requirements of the legal, strict environment in the investment management. As a rule, the processes and procedures in the area of investment management are very time-consuming and prone to errors. In addition, there is little or no historical data, the reports are painstakingly created manually and the cooperation is lengthy. As soon as the international aspect is added, the makeshift solutions with office software and tools quickly reach their limits.

It is precisely for these reasons that your investment management (LEM) in the construction industry is being digitized. This saves you a lot of time in the long term and at the same time increases legal certainty many times over. During discussions with prospects and customers, we have identified the following three reasons that clearly speak for the digitization of your legal entity management:

1. Audit Security & Documentation

With everyday office software and tools, it is almost impossible to create legally compliant documentation. Our Legal Entity Management automatically stores all changing and supplementary activities on your company and investment master data in the central Enterprise Suite. Both the user and the date, incl. time and time zone, are automatically saved. In addition, for each master data record, the source system or source file from which they originate is automatically stored with a time stamp. As a result, you have permanently available and continuous documentation, which you of course only access with the appropriate rights. The strict, individually regulated access rights generally prevent manipulation and enable the complete enforcement of legal regulations, control principles and internal compliance.

2. Central & digital collaboration

Collaboration in investment and company management is usually characterized by emails with distributors, complicated document filings and heterogeneous individual files. The Enterprise Suite is an all-in-one tool that combines input system and data hub, as well as the central control of your collaboration and workflows. The focus is on user-defined access and editing rights, which can be controlled down to the level of individual data elements and files. These access all data elements, files, workflows, exports and reports. All internal and external users use the same system. As a result, they always access the same central, homogeneous and complete database. Even international collaboration is easy to implement, as the Enterprise Suite is multilingual and data and files can be created and managed in multiple languages. Data is entered and processed via an intuitive, web-based user interface. It is used to create interfaces for transferring data records, individual data elements or files to other IT systems. The central core is the integrated workflow engine, with which you centrally control and monitor the collaboration. Based on your previous work processes and procedures, we create fully digital workflows for you, including a reminder function. This means that everyone knows what to do and when, and you always have an overview of all relevant dates. In addition, all internal control principles (e.g., checking by two-persons) and all applicable legal regulations, are adhered to. If necessary, you can also manage your committees, customer mandates and all related dates and documents centrally in the Enterprise Suite.

3. Audit-proof reporting & historical data

The manual generation of reports and the associated calculations are very time-consuming and often prone to error. The Reporting Engine built into the Enterprise Suite helps you create your reports. Due to the automatic documentation, you also have access to permanently available, audit-proof data views for each desired deadline. Depending on what you need at the moment, switch between current, past or future complete data views. This lets you always access your central data view for each date. This allows you to create your reports, charts and exports at any time. Additionally, it is possible to make complex comparisons or to transfer data to external templates for comprehensive, standardized reports. Furthermore, you can create an audit-proof, complete 360° view of your entire company and investment structure with just a few clicks, either with current or historical data.

Depending on the number of companies and investments and the associated amount of data, you will reduce the time required for all activities in the environment of your legal entity management in the medium term. In addition, the costs and expenses for the management of your investments and companies remain as low as possible and predictable in the long term. In our view, the biggest plus point in the digitization of your legal entity management is the constant availability of audit-proof current, historical and future data views of your companies and investments.